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Help ease the pain of terminally ill children

Give terminally ill children the quality of life they deserve.


Together. Whenever. Wherever.

Helen & Douglas House can’t change a diagnosis, but we can enable children and their families to be themselves, have fun and create memories to cherish forever. Our outreach team of specialist doctors, nurses, and others care for families at home and in the community.

Across Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties, there are thousands of children like Eunice who aren’t getting the care and support they need to enjoy the time they have left. We want to reach these children, ease their pain and help them live well to the end. But we can’t do it alone.

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could fund 24 hours of medical supplies for a child staying at the hospice.


could fund the purchase of a new baby monitor needed for children overnight.


could fund four hours of symptom management and pain control with a paediatric doctor.

Support our vital outreach work


Local children urgently
need our care.


is needed to fund our vital outreach support each year.


rise in the demand for outreach support, set to increase further.

Eunice’s story

Eunice is just five and a half years old and has an inoperable tumour on her spine which causes excruciating pain and distress. Without proper pain relief, children like her struggle to enjoy life.

To give children like Eunice the quality of life they deserve, our team does everything they can to ease their pain. For some children that means administering pain relief medication or using therapies, such as play therapy, to help distract them from their pain. For many it’s a combination of the two. We also help families access specialist equipment, such as hospital beds, so their children are properly supported. And we’re there for families whenever, wherever they need us.

For Eunice being pain-free means zooming around on a scooter and doing what she loves most in the world – playing with her dolls.

Can you imagine what Eunice’s life would be like without Helen & Douglas House?

Make a generous gift today and help us be there for families.