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Bake it till you make it: Meet the judges…

We interviewed Molly Robbins from Sugar and Crumbs, who is judging our amateur entries, and Emily Martin who is 14 and judging our junior entries. Find out our judges’ favourite ingredient and how to capture their attention by reading on.

Molly’s answers
Emily’s answers

What is your favourite recipe?

M: My favourite cake recipe has to be a good Madeira, it is strong enough to be carved and holds its shape well, whilst also being light and delicious! It is a super simple recipe; just equal amounts butter, caster sugar, eggs (weighed in their shells) and self raising flour, then half the amount of plain flour as well. You can add lemon flavouring or vanilla extract and then bake low and slow (no more than 150 degrees) until it is perfectly cooked. 

E: Macarons – I use the BBC Good Food recipe usually. Click here for the full recipe.

Who is your inspiration?

M: I take inspiration from lots of different people. Probably Duff Goldman for his business brains, and I love a lot of Japanese designers at the moment.

E: Mary Berry and the Great British Bake-off

What 3 things would you take to a deserted island?

M: Drawing materials, some sort of grapevine so I can make wine, and my dogs.

E: Food, water and Bella, my puppy.

How would an aspiring baker get your attention?

M: I am a sucker for bright colours and lots of height and drama so fun cake toppers are always good.

E: By making me the perfect macarons.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

M: That sharks don’t have bones. I’ve been making a 3 foot shark head cake so it’s fun what you can find on google.

E: The pink sands of Indonesia 

What is your favourite ingredient?

M: Anything pistachio, or coconut. 

E: Vanilla

And finally, if 2020 were a song or person what would it be?

M: The Grinch! Before he turned nice.

E: Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer

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