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Make a terminally ill child smile this spring

Help terminally ill children have the time of their lives.

You can’t change their diagnosis, but you can help them smile and laugh, like every child should.

Together. Whenever. Wherever.

Childhood should be a time of wonder and joy, of sticky hands and sloppy kisses. But the heart-breaking truth is that for many children who are seriously unwell, childhood is a time of pain and distress.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

From pain relief and crafting to 24-hour support and physio, everything our Outreach team does aims to make life easier and more enjoyable for the children and families we support.

Will you support their life-changing work?


could buy 5 nebuliser kits to allow medicine to be easily inhaled.


could buy a feeding syringe for a child who is struggling to eat.


could fund 24 hours of oxygen for a child staying in the hospice.

Provide the pain relief and support that children like Eunice need.


Local children urgently
need our care.


is needed to fund our vital outreach support each year.


rise in the demand for outreach support, set to increase further.

Eunice’s story

Eunice is five and a half years old and has a tumour on her spine. She had 18 months of chemotherapy, but her doctors couldn’t cure her. No one knows how long her life will be. Eunice’s tumour causes excruciating pain. She’s so little, and when she doesn’t get the right pain relief, the things she loves doing are impossible. Her dolls sit in a corner. Her car on its own outside. There’s no paint or glue on the table.

Thanks to amazing supporters like you, Helen & Douglas House has been there for Eunice since she was two years old. She came to us because of her pain. Because her doctors knew we would be able to help keep it under control. Because every child deserves the chance to enjoy their childhood.

Eunice loves coming to the hospice for short breaks. The nurses and care team make sure Eunice has the right pain relief. They adjust her medication and do activities like arts and crafts to help her have fun and forget about her pain. Eunice adores a dip in our therapy pool. It’s incredible to see her face light up as she feels the bubbles against her skin. The dolls come out, and Eunice zooms round our garden.

But we don’t just support Eunice in our hospice building – we support her and her family whenever, wherever they need us.

Support at home and in the community

Specialist nurses from our Outreach team regularly visit Eunice at home. They find out how she is doing and administer any pain relief she might need. Eunice loves these visits. She doesn’t speak but she makes her thoughts known using gestures. She’s so smiley and happy to welcome them in.

Eunice’s mum Tracy looks forward to these visits too. They’re a chance for her to share her worries and concerns, get expert advice and have five minutes to herself. It’s not easy caring for a child like Eunice – but Tracey knows that whatever happens we will always be there to support her.

And then there are visits from Harry, our physiotherapist! Harry saw Eunice a lot last year, helping her with her posture, which has changed as her symptoms and pain have increased. Harry supported and reassured Tracy, and he worked with Eunice’s school to develop activities to help her grow in strength.

It’s such a privilege for us to be able to care for children like Eunice and Daniel, who you may have read about at Christmas. Many of them have been through more in their short lives than most of us ever will. They deserve the chance to make the most of every moment, to play and get grubby, and to let their little personalities shine through.


Support our outreach team’s life changing work