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Enter now to win £5,000

You could win £5,000 and help us care for terminally ill children and their families from your area.

cheerful couple looking at the laptop screen for a lottery win

Would you like to have a chance at winning our top prize of £5,000, second prize of £500, third prize of £250, or even a £50 Amazon gift card? It’s all to play for!

Play today and discover what our Wheel of Fortune could have in store for you!


  • Super Draw: £150
  • Main Draw 1st Prize – £5000
  • Main Draw 2nd Prize – £500
  • Main Draw 3rd Prize – £250
  • Main Draw Additional Prizes: 2 x £50 Amazon Gift Cards, and a selection of merchandise

See our prize draw T&Cs.

Enter the free prize draw today to win £5,000

Enter our free Prize Draw now for your chance to be one of our first-ever cash prize winners. And if you can, please include a donation too.

Prize Draw Form (non paid activities)
Donation Amount

How your support helps

Respite care cost example


could help cover the cost of oxygen needed to help a child

Bereavement counselling cost example


could fund a remembrance pack for a bereaved family

Two girls making crafts with colouring pens


could fund craft materials and help them have fun and develop

Bereavement counselling cost example


could fund 24 hours of medical supplies 

Prize Draw T&Cs
  • There is no obligation to enclose a donation to Helen & Douglas House to be eligible for the Helen & Douglas House Prize Draw (either the ‘Speed Draw’ or the ‘Main Draw’), but we would greatly value your support.
  • Eligible entrants must be a UK resident 18 years of age or over and you agree that you shall not be entitled to receive any prize if you are unable to substantiate this to Helen & Douglas House.
  • Eligible entrants must not work for Helen & Douglas House, or be related to or cohabit with, any employee of Helen & Douglas House.
  • All eligible entries received by Helen & Douglas House before the Speed Draw date of 7th October 2023 will be entered into the Speed Draw.
  • All eligible entries received by Helen & Douglas House before the Main Draw date of 31st October 2023 will be entered into the Main Draw.
  • Entries for the Speed Draw and Main Draw are not mutually exclusive.
  • All prizes will be given away.
  • If a winner of the Speed Draw or the Main Draw fails to reply within 28 days of being notified, that prize will be allocated to the next person on the reserve winners list.
  • Winners for the Speed Draw, the Main Draw, and reserve list winners will be chosen via a computergenerated randomiser.
  • The Speed Draw prize is £150 cash.
  • The Main Draw first prize is £5,000 cash; the second prize is £500 cash; the third prize is £250 cash; additional prizes include 2 x £50 Amazon gift cards, and a selection of merchandise.
  • On receipt of a prize, we may ask winners to provide their name, photos, and comments to be used to help promote future draws.
  • On entering the Helen & Douglas House Prize Draw, you have deemed to accept the Terms and Conditions above.