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Listen to Kathryn, Immy’s mum, as she tells her little girl's story 

Your support is needed this Christmas so we can care for local terminally ill children.

Huge thanks to Ravensburger, a leading games and puzzle manufacturer, for matching the first £10,000 we have raised this Christmas.

Donate this Christmas to make every moment count for families at Helen & Douglas House

At Helen & Douglas House we care for local terminally ill children and their families. In the past year, the number of local children with cancer we’ve cared for has nearly doubled. With your support, we do all we can to make every moment count for them.

Our expert team of doctors, nurses, therapists and carers provide end-of-life care and support, in our hospice, in hospital and at home. We organise respite stays and activities that give families a break from the stress of caring for a child with a life-limiting condition. And we enable parents and siblings to say a proper goodbye, before and after a child dies, and help them cope with their loss through our bereavement support services.

But none of our work is possible without the support of people like you. Please give a gift this Christmas and help make every moment count for families like Kathryn's. 


could go towards a stay in one of our family flats for a local family like Kathryn’s.


could help cover the cost of vital medical supplies for a child staying overnight.


could help fund bereavement support for parents like Kathryn and Lester, helping them to overcome their devastating loss.

Immy’s story, as told by her mum, Kathryn…

For months our little girl Immy was hooked up to beeping machines and endless tubes. It was necessary, of course it was, she had cancer. But it was like we were trapped in a void, gasping for breath. My heart broke when they said I couldn’t cuddle my baby.

Then we were told she was dying. Immy was a few days past her 2nd birthday. And she had just days to live. We were devastated.

In those darkest of times, we found somewhere we could breathe again. Where - thanks to the generosity of supporters like you - they make every moment count. That place was Helen & Douglas House.

Hospice care 

'Helen & Douglas House helped Immy die with dignity. She wasn’t hooked up to machines or connected to endless tubes. Instead, she died in my arms left this world as she’d come into it – surrounded by love.'

Kathryn - Immy's Mum

Please give generously this Christmas

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In the days before Immy died, she was very poorly. She couldn’t see or really hear but I knew she could still feel. And I wanted her to have the sun on her face one last time.  

So we wheeled her into the beautiful, tranquil garden at Helen & Douglas House. There were robins in the trees – Immy loved birds so much – and we sat on a bench, in the winter sunshine, listening to them sing. I cuddled her so tightly and I whispered, “I love you. I love you. I love you.”   

I’m so grateful that we could give Immy that lovely, peaceful time. It’s a memory we will treasure forever.  

'Thanks to your support, Helen & Douglas House made Immy’s last days beautiful. And I wouldn’t be the person I am today without their care and support, both while she was alive and afterwards.'

With your gift, you’re helping Helen & Douglas House to provide the care and support that families need in the darkest of times. Without them, I just don’t know where children would go. Or how their families would cope. This Christmas, you can help them make every moment count for families like mine. And you can help parents cuddle their children - until the very end.

Please make a gift today and help us continue our vital work