Fundraising A to Z

Fundraising ideas to help your local children's hospice

Fundraising A to Z

Fundraising ideas to help your local children's hospice

Whether you want to run a marathon or host a bake-a-thon, there are loads of great ways to raise money for Helen & Douglas House and help terminally ill children make the most of their short lives. Keep reading for some great ideas for local fundraising and lots of tips on maximising the amount your efforts bring in.

10 great fundraising ideas

From personal challenges to community fundraising events, here are some of our favourite fundraising ideas if you’re in need of some inspiration.

1. We dare you.  From jumping out of a plane to getting friendly with a tarantula, how about an adrenaline-pumping dare in return for donations? Even better, get your donors to vote for what your dare should be.
2. Get active. Whether it’s mountain-climbing, marathon-running or a sponsored swim, set yourself a big personal fitness challenge and enjoy the added satisfaction of raising money.

3. Gift your gifts. On your next birthday make yourself the gift that gives. Ask friends and family to swap presents for donations and help you smash your fundraising target.

4. Food for thought. How about a foodie challenge? Host your own version of the Great British Bake-Off with your friends or colleagues and sell the proceeds in a cake sale, or do the opposite and give up your favourite food in return for donations.
5. Theming marvellous! Whether you create a Downton Abbey-themed event where guests pay to dress up, or you host a ticketed Medieval banquet, the fundraising possibilities are endless.

6. Use that talent. Can you turn a talent into donations? If you’re an arty person, you could sell homemade crafts at school, work or on eBay. If you play a musical instrument, why not put on a concert or busk on the street (with the council’s permission, of course)?

7. Just say YES! Could you say ‘yes’ to everything that was asked of you? Dare to take on the Yes Day challenge and raise money in return for saying yes! For added fun, get your boss to agree to it.

8. Not enough hours in the day. Sacrifice your eight hours’ sleep in the name of raising money for charity and get sponsored to do something for 24 solid hours. How about 24-hour Scrabble or a sponsored silence?

9. Become a handyman or woman. Give up your time to helping others in return for donations. You’d be surprised how much you could raise by doing the jobs other people have been putting off, like tidying gardens or doing a bit of window cleaning.

Top tips for raising money for charity

You’ve settled on a great fundraising idea. But how do you make it happen and ensure that your efforts raise the highest amount possible for a worthy cause? Here are a few fundraising tips to bear in mind.

  • Put the ‘fun’ in fundraising: raise money by doing something you and others will have fun with.
  • Pick a date, but not just any date – if you need as many people as possible to attend your event, timing is crucial. People may be less likely to come if you schedule your event on the same day as the World Cup final!
  • Make a plan – spend time on the groundwork so that things go to plan on the day. Pay particular attention to the logistics, such as timings and helpers.
  • Give yourself something to work towards by setting a fundraising target. Don’t forget to factor in your costs so that you’re not making a loss.
  • Get business-savvy – tell local businesses about what you’re doing for charity and they may be able to sponsor you, or give discounts or donations to help with your event.
  • Spread the word – Facebook and Tweet about your event, put up posters, tell your local newspaper, set up a website and do anything you can to tell the world you’re raising money for charity.

Ready to start fundraising?

Use our own sponsorship forms when you raise money for Helen & Douglas House and we’ll be able to claim extra funding through Gift Aid whenever possible. Download your sponsorship forms below.

General Sponsorship Form: Use this for standard events, such as sponsored walks or swims.

Activity Sponsorship Form: Use this for special activity events where you’ll receive some kind of benefit, such as a skydive or overseas trek. Follow the simple instructions to set up a page and use this to take your fundraising online. Don’t forget to personalise your page with photos, videos and text so that your friends and family are more likely to donate.

Want to raise awareness of Helen & Douglas House at your school, workplace or event? Download one of our general posters below.

General Information Poster: Tell the world about Helen & Douglas House and what we do.

Empty Belly Poster: Use this for promoting your own event to raise money for Helen & Douglas House.

Contact our fundraising team

We’d love to hear from you and we’re here to help in any way we can we can. Call our Fundraising Team on 01865 799150 or email

For more information on keeping your fundraising legal, please take a look at GOV.UK ‘Charities and taxes’.

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