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Earlier this month, we spent the day with the siblings team and the Elephant Club as they celebrated National Siblings Day at Millets Farm in Abingdon. It was a day filled with smiles, laughter, games and a lot of rain! Despite the bad weather, the children of Elephant Club made some unforgettable memories.

The group of children joining in the Millets Farm fun was mixed. For some of them, this trip was their first time at Siblings Club, while others had been coming to the groups for a while, so already made friends. There was some shyness to start with, but as the day progressed, so did their confidence and they were all playing school games together by the afternoon.

pictures of children at Millets Farm

Fun in Farmer Carter's Courtyard

The morning was spent on the adventure trails, go-karts and hay bales of Farmer Carter’s Courtyard. To start, the children all raced to fill in their activity books in the games and maze areas; hunting for bird stamps, tree leaf stickers and making milkshake concoctions. They then went whizzing around Farmer Carter’s Formula 1 circuit before challenging eachother on the mini obstacle course and climbing the hay bales.

Lunch, biscuits and games in the Tipi

After lunch, the sprinkles, googly eyes and icing came out for biscuit decorating. While some of the children traced icing on their biscuits carefully, others crafted interesting characters with multiple eyes, throwing sprinkles on random squiggles of icing. The tipi was buzzing with the sound of children laughing, ranking eachothers creations and passing eachother the icing tubes and sprinkles.
With the biscuits safely packed up and drying, everyone gathered round and the children took turns suggesting games to play. These games really helped the children who were new to the group get to know the others in Elephant Club, and to connect on their shared experiences.

Video from the day

Here’s a little video of the day’s highlights including games at Farmer Carter’s Courtyard, kart racing, obstacle course races, and biscuit making

Family feedback

“She hasn’t stopped talking about it!” – Maddalena’s mum

“The children had so much fun and it couldn’t have been better timing wise. We spent most of the 2 week Easter break in and out of hospital with their brother following an extremely bad seizure to which he was intubated for. It was very scary for us all.


Eli and Tayla are very strong children but do worry a lot about their little brother. This sibling day out was their first time attending so they were a little nervous to begin with, however, they came home very happy and settled and even made some new friends!” – Tayla and Eli’s mum