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Face-to-Face Fundraising

Personal and passionate fundraising

Face-to-face fundraising is an opportunity for our fundraisers to explain our work in person, and for our supporters to ask any questions they have about the charity. It also means that we can speak with people who may not otherwise have heard about Helen & Douglas House.

Our fundraisers speak to members of the public about setting up regular donations through Direct Debit. Supporters who give on a long-term basis are really valuable to Helen & Douglas House as it means we can plan ahead so that we can give our families the long-term care they need.

You may meet one of our fundraisers on your doorstep, your local shopping centre or in your high street.

Street fundraisers

Street fundraisers will work on high streets throughout our catchment area in groups of no more than 4 and will with you to share information about our work and to ask for your support. Our street fundraisers work in shifts throughout the day from morning to evening.

Door-to-door fundraisers

Our door-to-door fundraisers may visit your property to talk about Helen & Douglas House and ask if you would like to support us. They’ll work in groups but come to your door individually, or possibly with a new fundraiser is being trained. Door-to-door fundraisers work up until 9.00 pm in accordance with the Fundraising Regulator guidelines.

Private sites

‘Private sites’ are privately owned areas, such as shopping centres and train stations. Our fundraisers will work from a stand. The times that the fundraisers work on private sites will vary according to the opening times of the site.


In 2020, we are working with REAL Fundraising for our face-to-face fundraising activity.

If you have any questions or concerns about our face-to-face fundraising activity please contact us on 01865 799150 or email fundraising@helenanddouglas.org.uk.

“I met Anthony from REAL in Milton Keynes today. He was very enthusiastic about Helen & Douglas House. All the information was explained in detail and with patience. I was happy to help.”

Helen & Douglas House supporter

How Regular Gifts helps us

We rely on the kind support of our regular donors to raise over £3 every year to fund the care our families depend on, and every donation makes a huge difference to each and every family going through the toughest times imaginable.

Giving a small amount on an ongoing basis allows us to plan ahead so that we can give our families the long-term care they need. It also means we can be confident that we’ll be able to continue this important work for years to come.


For every £1 received of statutory sources

we need to raise a further £6.00 to fund care for the children and families we support.