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This Father’s Day, if you’re celebrating with the important father figure/s in your life, we hope you have a wonderful day together. 

We also understand that today can be particularly difficult for many, including those who have lost fathers, those who have lost children, those who long to be fathers, and those who never knew their fathers. On this day, we are thinking of the families we support and have supported at Helen & Douglas House.

Meet Alfie

Alfie and his family have been using Helen & Douglas House services since 2022. Alfie has a rare brain disorder and requires around the clock care.

We spoke to Dean, Alfie’s Dad about what Father’s Day means to him and this is what he said:

What does Father’s Day mean to you, and how do you celebrate it with your family?

‘Father’s Day is not only a special day for myself as a dad but also for the whole family. It’s a day we can spend together with Alfie and his older siblings either relaxing or enjoying a fun filled family day. Just for one day putting aside all stress, worries and doctors appointments.’

Chris hiking up a mountain in the snow

How has Helen & Douglas House helped you and Alfie create special memories together?

We recently enjoyed some respite with Helen & Douglas House and for the first time I got to see Alfie enjoying time in the therapeutic pool. Since I have to work most days, I miss a lot of Alfie’s experiences, so being able to spend quality time together as a family and watching my little Alfie kicking his legs in the water is a memory I’ll treasure forever.’

Chris hiking up a mountain in the snow

What advice would you give to other fathers who are in a similar situation? 

‘It’s very easy to let the stress and anxiety of taking care of a child with such complex needs overwhelm you. With all of the hospital admissions, surgeries and health complications taking over daily life, allow yourself those rare moments to take a pause from these worries and simply indulge in the love shared between you and your child. Cherish the cuddles and smiles every time.’

Chris hiking up a mountain in the snow