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It’s Pride Month, and at Helen & Douglas House, we proudly embrace diversity and foster an inclusive environment for all. As an organisation, we are committed to creating a positive space where our staff, volunteers, and the children and families we care for feel respected and valued.

In the spirit of Pride, we’d like to introduce you to Amanda and Wendy, a same-sex couple who have been coming to Helen & Douglas House for many years. They are the proud parents of their wonderful daughter Olivia, who has a very rare neurodegenerative disorder called CDKL5 and as a result, has profound learning difficulties and severe epilepsy. Olivia has two siblings: Esmay, aged 8, and Owen, aged 17.


Helen & Douglas House has been a vital support system for their family.

Amanda and Wendy said: ‘Helen & Douglas House has been a very supportive hospice for Olivia and our family. They have excellent nurses and doctors, and they also have a Siblings Support Group. Their Social Work team has been supportive in giving advice on how we can best support Olivia moving forward. We have also recently had experience with their Youth and Transition team as Olivia is at the age where she will soon be transferring to adult services.’

Inclusivity at the Hospice

At Helen & Douglas House, we support and are inclusive of all families. 

‘From the start we have all felt welcomed, supported and listened too. The staff have always been unbiased and supportive to all of us, and always provided a very high level of care. We feel we are treated exactly the same as any other family who attends Helen & Douglas House.’ – Amanda and Wendy, Olivia’s parents.

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Supportive Stays

Olivia’s parents share that the hospice is a place of joy and comfort for her, providing excellent in-house activities, including explorative play. The stimulating environment and diverse range of equipment create a welcoming setting for children like Olivia and since their first visit they have never looked back.

Chris hiking up a mountain in the snow

Pride Month

We asked Amanda and Wendy what Pride Months means to them, and they said:

’It’s an opportunity to celebrate being yourself and having the freedom to be openly gay.’

Thank you for sharing your story with us. We are proud to support Pride Month.

Chris hiking up a mountain in the snow