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Honor the Memory of Your Child with an Original Song

In early 2023, we started working in partnership with The Keepsake Circle, on a two-year project, to offer parents a unique opportunity to remember their child through the creation of an original song. Their unique songs will be shared in a concert in 2024.

What is the Keepsake Circle?

The Keepsake Circle works with bereaved parents and families to create original, bespoke songs in tribute to their child, or children, who have died. Using family’s stories and memories, an original song is crafted and recorded. Each song is individual to that family and a lasting tribute to the joy they bought to families lives.

How we are working with The Keepsake Circle

We are working with The Keepsake Circle on a two-year project to provide this service for families to help them remember their child who was cared for, and supported by Helen & Douglas House, prior to, during and/or after their death.

The Keepsake Circle then record the songs onto an album, so families can have “their” song in perpetuity. You can listen to an album made with bereaved parents from Derrian Hospice here. When this was created for Derrian House hospice they had overwhelmingly positive feedback, both about the process of discussing memories of their child so the song could be created, and the unique memento of the song. The Keepsake Circle are looking forward to bringing these benefits to families of Helen & Douglas House.

We also intend to hold a concert for the bereaved families to hear their songs performed in the beginning of 2024. 

How you can get involved

We are able to offer the opportunity to be involved in this project to ten families in 2023, and another ten families in 2024. To benefit fully from this project, you and your family will have been bereaved for more than a year. 

If you feel that this is something that your family would benefit from being involved in, please email the team at CAFSS@helenanddouglas.org.uk to find out more and to apply. 

To ensure we make the selection of families taking part in the process fair, all participant requests will be presented to a panel, who will make the final decision on involvement. Part of your involvement is also contingent on being available on or around specific dates in the calendar. These dates will be available shortly. 

More about the Keepsake Circle
The Keepsake Circle works with bereaved parents and families within palliative care organisations, like Helen & Douglas House, to memorialise their children in song. Each song is individual to that family and a lasting tribute to the joy they brought to their families lives. 

They also work with palliative care organisations, alongside families who have endured the most heart-breaking of losses. Using their stories and memories, we write original songs for their very special child who has gone too soon. 

Visit The Keepsake Circle’s website to find out more.