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Share your story

Tell your child’s story to help generate vital funds and support the hospice

Why your stories are important to the hospice

As a charity, we rely almost entirely on public donations to fund our work. The most powerful way to encourage supporters to donate, or fundraise, is to tell the stories of the families we support, like yours.

If you’d like to help us with this, we’d be very grateful, but there is no obligation. You can see some of our previous stories, told in a multiple ways, by visiting our social media pages, or explore our blogs and stories pages. Find out more below.

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How you can help

With your agreement, we’ll gather photos, videos and stories related to your child and family who we care for. We’ll talk with you and gather family narratives through various means, including audio snippets, written quotes, videos, or photos of your child/family taken during their visit/s to the hospice. There’s a possibility that we might request you to share photos and anecdotes as well.

Please let us know your marketing consent preferences by filling in the form below. You can also contact us to find out more.

Did you know? Gathering the content for your story is often done over many months or years and can continue even after a child’s death. Your stories are incredibly powerful and we value you and your sharing preferences throughout the whole process.

Giving your marketing consent preferences

To give your consent please fill in the form below. Please also fill this in if you have restrictions to consent, or if you prefer to not give your consent. You can specify all of your preferences on the form. Please contact us at marketing@helenanddouglas.org.uk if you require an alternative version.

Where your story might appear

Your child’s story will find a special place in our own written materials and fundraising resources.

Stories will be shown within the hospice premises, through direct mail or digital newsletters sent to our supporters, and at our fundraising/supporter events. Additionally, they could feature in our charity shops.

We might also tell your child or family narrative on our website and through our social media platforms which include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

Subject to your approval, your story could also be shared with local media in print, on-air, and online. There’s also the chance that approved third parties, such as organisations or individuals raising funds for us, may also have access to your story for fundraising purposes.

Tell your story like mum Leanne has told Lily-Mae’s story

“For nearly nine years, my life was dedicated to Lily-Mae and making sure that she was happy and safe. The way that she had passed away was just so quick. There was no time to prepare anything.”

Leanne, Lily-Mae’s mum

With our support, in her final moments, Lily-Mae was surrounded by the love of her whole family in a familiar place.

With our help and support, Lily-Mae was able to get the support and care she needed during her short life. Her mum Leanne got the support she needed as a carer, and then at the end of her daughters’ life. This care continues even after a child has died, as our Family Support and Bereavement Team have been working with Leanne since she lost Lily-Mae providing her with bereavement support.

We can’t do this without your help

Families like yours, who come to Helen & Douglas House, depend on our care and support us. We are here to help them face everyday challenges during their children’s short lives and to cope with living with a child with a life-shortening or terminal illness. By telling your story, you will be telling supporters about the expert care and support you receive, which is made possible by their donations.