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Service User Privacy Notice

This information is for you if you are someone who is receiving care or support from Helen & Douglas House (a “service user”).

This may be relevant to you
– as a patient, or
– as a person with parental/caring responsibility for a patient, or
– as a family member/carer (or other person) who may themselves be eligible for/in receipt of support from us.

In order to provide you with care and support, Helen & Douglas House needs to collect and use certain information about you. This includes information about who you are, about your health, and about how we can contact you and your family/carers.

By you agreeing to be assessed, and to receive care from Helen & Douglas House, we will collect, use and share relevant information about you for the purposes of your health and social care.

We are committed to protecting your data. We promise to respect any of your personal data that is shared with us, to keep it safe, and only to use it for purposes that you would expect.

Full details of the information that we collect, and how we use your data, can be found below. If you provide us with personal data of people other than yourself (e.g. family members), please ensure they are also aware of this privacy information.

If you ever have any questions or concerns about the information we hold about you, or how it is used, please discuss this with us at the earliest opportunity. Likewise, if there are any changes to your personal information that affect our ability to care for you, please let us know without delay. Thank you.