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Gift of Music


Instead of traditional presents, our Charity Gift Cards are a collection of alternative gifts like a smile or play activities like playing football, doing arts and crafts or splashing about in our pool for the local terminally ill children we care for.

When you buy this Gift of Music, you are buying a really special Gift that gives twice.

This gift could pay for local children with life-shortening conditions like Alexanda to have music therapy at the hospice.

Our music therapy sessions help children like Alexanda express themselves, reduce stress and anxiety and bring so much joy.

On a recent stay he wrote and performed a song at the hospice, which he then played on the guitar for his make-believe band, ‘Blown Away’. he also made ‘CDs’ of his concert and produced merchandise with his band name on.

‘When he knows he is coming to Helen & Douglas House, he gets very excited and is over the moon thinking about what he is going to be doing and who he is going to see. It really gives him a boost’ – Libby, Alexanda’s Mum

This gift of music is truly priceless to our children so than you.

We will send you one of our charity gift cards which is 126mm x 126mm and comes with an envelope for you to send to someone as a present or just keep for yourself.

Thank you for supporting Helen & Douglas House. These gifts are truly priceless to our children so thank you.