Join a community of donors to help terminally ill children and their families

Join a community of donors to help terminally ill children and their families

Children's Champions Children’s Champions brings together wonderful supporters like you, who we ask to make an annual financial commitment to the work of Helen & Douglas House. By joining the Children’s Champions you’ll be helping us deliver exceptional care whilst ensuring our families can create happy memories together for many years to come.
Roman with his mum Ellie

Join the Children’s Champions

Become a Children’s Champion by making an annual financial commitment of between £500 – £5,000. There is complete flexibility about how and when you want to donate. You may choose to donate in an annual sum, or by monthly instalments. The amount you give and the timing is up to you. 

 Every member of the Children’s Champions is making a real difference to the lives of families going through the unimaginable, and as our relationship develops, we look forward to bringing you more real-life examples of the incredible differences your support is helping to fund.

Becoming a member and making an annual commitment to Helen & Douglas House means that we can plan our services with more confidence; knowing that we have your regular support enables us to better predict income coming into the charity, and therefore allows us to accurately plan delivery and expansion of services. Together we can help to improve the lives of terminally ill children and their families.

Steve, one of our Children’s Champions said:

“I’ve been supporting Helen & Douglas House for a few years already because my children wanted to get involved with this local charity. Making a regular gift means I know I am fulfilling my responsibility to give what I can, whilst making sure they can continue to do their amazing work.”

To find out more please download the Children’s Champions brochure. To become a Children’s Champion please get in touch with Kathryn Worthington at or call 07776 959 241.

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of Children’s Champions.

Roman’s Story

Shortly after birth Roman was diagnosed with Alagilles Syndrome. This is a rare genetic condition that can cause various complications. For Roman, it affected his heart (pulmonary atresia). This meant he had no pulmonary artery and his liver didn’t function. After a few weeks in hospital for tests, they couldn’t do any more for him. This was when, in March 2019, Roman and his family came to Helen & Douglas House.
Roman and his family

“Our son was given just weeks to live. After a few exhausting weeks between various hospitals, we were referred to the hospice. The word hospice felt scary to us. But, as soon as we walked in through their doors, we felt a huge relief. 

Roman got the vital lifeline of emergency care that he needed from the incredible nurses and doctors of Helen & Douglas House. And, as a family, we could start to recover and spend time with his healthy twin, Harley. Later we learnt how to care for Roman in his delicate condition until we were able to all go home together.” Roman’s mum, Ellie

When Roman went home, he continued to be supported and cared for by our incredible medical and outreach teams. As the months rolled on, we visited Roman at his home. On several occasions, he was also admitted back to the hospice, for both emergency and planned care. Roman went on to live for over nine months until, in January 2020, he peacefully died at home. Once again, we were there to support his whole family with bereavement care when they needed it the most.

Children's Champions