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Easter at a children’s hospice is quite different to other children’s Easter celebrations. Terminally ill children who come to stay at Helen & Douglas House can’t often eat chocolate Easter eggs as many of them cannot swallow or digest solid food so they celebrate Easter in different ways. At Helen & Douglas House we had some special visitors, chicks, lambs and baby hedgehogs as well as Easter crafts during their stay at the hospice.

Living Eggs brought in around 8 eggs to hatch in an incubator, who will stay at the hospice for 10 days. The children watched them hatch and have had the opportunity to hold them. Finley, who has been visiting the hospice since 2011 really enjoyed watching the chicks hatch. Moments like this help his family create unforgettable memories while enabling Finley to experience new things.

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Helen & Douglas House often get offered gifts of Easter eggs at this time of year but given many of the children who visit Helen & Douglas House cannot eat Easter eggs, you can help in another way, by making a donation or setting up a regular gift.

“We would like to say a big thank you to Living Eggs for continuing to bring in the eggs to hatch year after year, which the children really enjoy. The children love watching them hatch as do the staff and families and once eggs start to crack, people can’t keep away!” Gemma, a play specialist at the hospice, said.