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Music positively affects us all physically, psychologically and emotionally and the health benefits of music are well-documented.

That is why Corinne from the Oxfordshire County Music Service regularly comes into the hospice to make music with our children who are staying. Nathan is just one of our children who love singing and playing instruments.

Listen to Nathan’s recent music session with Corinne at Helen & Douglas House

Music therapy provides many benefits for these children and their families visiting the hospice for respite and end of life care; it gives children the opportunity to express emotions which it may be impossible for them to express verbally through use of instruments and it helps interaction and communication at a time when children and families can feel isolated.

It is also wonderful for parents staying with their children at the hospice, to be able to watch their children enjoying their music sessions, creating wonderful memories which will last forever. Brothers and sisters of children who are terminally ill can also join in the music sessions.

Music brings much joy and many benefits to our children:

  • Developing confidence for children with limited movement and means of expression.
  • Improving coordination and breathing for children with certain medical conditions, in cases when musical activity has an element of physiotherapy or psychological calming.
  • Emotional resilience for families whose children might not be able to respond to the outside world, but who demonstrate a connection with music (e.g. foot-tapping, or opening eyes when Corinne plays for them).

‘Where words fail, music speaks’

Music can become a language even for people who find words very difficult. It enables children to come out of themselves. Corinne works with individual children and finds out what they enjoy, tailoring each music session to their needs.
Although Corinne normally holds her music sessions in the play area, we also have a specially designed soundproofed music room specially designed for when Nathan plays the drums.

Donate £30 for a music session

You can help bring joy and laughter to the children like Nathan who stay at Helen & Douglas House by donating just £30 which could pay for one of Corinne’s music sessions.