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We’d like to introduce you to Carissa, our assistant catering manager here at Helen & Douglas House. She’s been with us for 9 years. She loves making a positive impact to the families at the hospice and knows full well the importance of a cuppa, a slice of cake and a natter in the afternoon.

Listen to Carissa tell her story by watching the video below

Comfort Food is King

Carissa told us that her most requested dishes are comfort foods like roast dinners and macaroni cheese. She said that it’s in their time of need where foods like this can make the biggest difference to our families.

Someone once said ‘Food is love made visible’. I’ve always held that with me.

Many families may struggle to make a dish like a roast dinner from stratch at home while caring for their child, so having a homemade dinner made especially for them at the hospice while their child is being looked after by the care team can mean so much.

A Christmas to Remember

In her 9 years at Helen & Doouglas House there is one memory that sticks in her mind: Christmas in August.

Carissa tells us that in some of the hottest summer days in August, the care team, volunteer team and the catering team all came together to make Christmas for one boy and his family. Carissa and the team were peeling and cooking potatoes and brussel sprouts to make sure the boy and his family had a festive day they’d cherish forever. It’s a moment that really made Carissa fall in love with the Hele & Douglas House and everything it stood for. 

Make a difference

Make a donation and help us provide delicious homecooked comfort foods for children & families that visit the hospice.