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Event details

November 12, 2023

4:00 pm

Millets Farm, Kingston Road, Frilford, OX13 5HB

Join us at the event village from 3pm for live music, and witness the spectacular fire walk starting at 4pm.

£150 fundraising target

20 registration fee

Join Helen & Douglas House for an epic mind over matter challenge and take on a fire walk! Brave the elements at this special event by walking over hot coals for your local hospice.

By taking on the firewalk for HDH you will receive:

  • A Helen & Douglas House t-shirt
  • Fundraising tips and resources
  • A completion certificate
Taking place at Millet’s Farm, the event will be hosted by UK Firewalk, one of the UK’s leading firewalking companies.

You will be trained by Scott Bell (Twice Guinness World Record holder for the greatest distance walked on fire) and then walk across hot coals with a temperature over 1000 degrees fahrenheit!

Bring along your friends and family to watch and enjoy the food and entertainment onsite.

It really will be an incredible night.


Participants will undergo training of around one hour. When the fire has burned to red-hot embers it is raked level and prepared for the walk. Participants go to the fire, remove their footwear and one by one are invited to walk the coals.
No – the fire is very real. The embers will be glowing red-hot and we can often measure the temperature at around 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. You will have bare feet, and they will not have been treated in any way.
The sensation is described by some as walking on eggshells, and others as walking on hot sand. Each walker has his or her own experience. We have not known walkers to experience pain and when the opportunity arises many will walk across the coals more than once.
There is an inherent risk in any activity involving fire. It is important that participants pay attention to all the training and heed the advice and instruction of the trainer, firewatchers and spotters. Whilst absolute safety is not guaranteed proper procedure reduces risk to the achievable minimum.
No. There is no hypnotism involved. You will be fully awake at all times – indeed you will be more alert than usual. You may also withdraw at any time if you wish.
There is no preparation to undertake. No treatment of the feet or mental exercise, just the training provided at the seminar. You should abstain from the consumption of alcohol or drugs prior to the event. Any person who is in the opinion of the trainer unfit to participate will NOT be permitted to take part.

Please ensure your feet are clean and free from massage and pedicure oils.

Anyone over 12 can take part but UK Fire Walk and HDH reserve the right to stop anyone participating if they do not sensibly partake in the safety briefing.

There is no strenuous physical exercise involved. If you can walk normally then you should manage the Firewalk perfectly well. If you have any doubts please consult your GP before attending.

Children over 12 can participate with parental/guardian consent. UK Fire Walk and HDH reserve the right to stop anyone participating if they do not sensibly partake in the safety briefing.
We have many people walk who are pregnant, have diabetes, stroke survivors, and are blind amongst many other conditions. None have been an issue, however we always recommend if in doubt seek advice from your doctor.
There is no special clothing required. Casual comfortable clothes are best. Please remember fires can be quite dirty and clothes may become ash stained. Footwear needs to be easy to remove, and will need to be replaced before going back indoors so a hand towel might be a good idea. Flip flops are a good idea, especially if the ground is cold. Nail varnish and toe rings are fine.

We will provide you with a branded HDH t-shirt.

16:00 Participant arrival and entertainment and food available
16:30 Participant training
17:30 Fire walk and music

Laura, who took part in a firewalk with UK Firewalk

I just wanted to say a HUGGGE thank you from everyone at Arada for the fantastic firewalking event last night. It was a great event, lovely atmosphere and a really excellent team-building exercise! Everyone was still speaking about it this morning!
Why should you take on the firewalk for Helen & Douglas House?

Max is 11 years old and lives in Swindon with his Mum and Dad and sister Eva. Max has been coming to Helen & Douglas House for 5 years for respite care because he has end-stage renal failure and a mitochondrial disorder. Read Max’s story.

Claire Max’s Mum said ‘If we didn’t have Helen & Douglas House our lives would be much tougher and we wouldn’t have a rest. When we stay there we feel relieved because we know life will get a bit easier. We need these days to recharge to ensure we can give Max all the care he needs.’

Max Keegan

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