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Support terminally ill children by fundraising on your birthday.

Fundraise on your birthday

Fundraising at your birthday on the day or asking for donations instead of presents, will add even more special moments to your big day. By supporting Helen & Douglas House you will make special memories in the same way we help parents of terminally ill children make memories at the hospice which they will treasure forever.

Set up a birthday fundraising page

It is quick and easy to set up your fundraising page. You can then circulate the link to friends and family for them to donate in lieu of birthday presents or just as an extra special gift.

Organise a party collection

You can organise collection at your birthday party which we can provide Gift Aid envelopes or collection tins for. Giving gift aid will increase your donations by 25%.

Email: community@helenanddouglas.org.uk

Tel: 01865 799150

Top tips for fundraising on your birthday

  • Organise a fundraising games like ‘Heads and Tails’ which will entertain all your guests as well as raise money.
  • Add the first donation yourself to start off your fundraising page.
  • Let us know if you want some information about our charity to go out in your invitations so your guests know the difference the money they donate will make.
  • Send your fundraising page to people who cannot come to your birthday party and they may donate instead as a birthday gift.
  • Find out if the company you work for does ‘matched giving’ as you may be able to double the money you raise.
  • Donation Gift Aid envelopes can be put on each table setting.
  • Use social media, email and WhatsApp to share your fundraising page to tell everyone about it.
How to pay in your donations

There are lots of ways to pay in your donations to Helen & Douglas House, for more information see here.

Nathan’s Story

Nathan, aged 9, was born with Prader Willi syndrome, a rare genetic life-limiting condition which causes a range of symptoms and he has been coming to Helen & Douglas House for nine years.

‘Nathan’s tells me that Helen & Douglas House is his favourite place in the world. Aside from the exceptional one-to-one care they give him, he is often found singing, taking part in craft sessions, kicking about a football in the garden and even baking, which is made possible by the specialist facilities they have for disabled children.

Thanks to the support from Helen & Douglas House, he is often seen at the hospice with a huge smile plastered across his face and is very reluctant to come home. He even made me a cake whilst staying there for my birthday which was so special.’

Jenny – Nathan’s Mum